Obama Signs for Largest Military Budget in US History

Obama signs bills for record Pentagon, Homeland Security spending

By Patrick Martin

Barack Obama signed legislation Wednesday authorizing the Pentagon’s largest-ever budget, a gargantuan $680 billion, including $130 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama signed a second bill funneling $44 billion into the Department of Homeland Security to strengthen what critics say are the apparatus of state repression within the US.

The two bills are a clear sign Obama is extending and intensifying the program of militarism and attacks on democratic rights for which the Bush administration was reviled in the US and abroad. Each bill contains provisions aimed at further restricting democratic rights. The Pentagon budget bill authorizes the use of military tribunals to try prisoners at Guantanamo and others seized illegally, either overseas or within the US in its “war on terror.” It also bars the release of Guantanamo prisoners – even those found innocent – into the US without a 45-day advance notice to Congress.

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