Obama team against Israel

[ Again — What were American Jews (and even Israelis) thinking when they overwhelmingly supported Obama as president?   Why have American Jews, in particular, been so blindly optimistic about this administration?  For those who were seriously paying attention — rather than merely following the propaganda — it was obvious from the beginning that the Obama administration was not going to be friendly to Israel… ]


Obama team against Israel

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Pressure. Defiance. Collision. After George W. Bush’s terms of endearment for Israel — a country he once described as a “light unto nations” — a different terminology is being used to describe its cloudy relationship with his successor, Barack Obama.

At odds with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Palestinian statehood and Jewish settlements in the West Bank, the new U.S. president will try to patch ties with the Muslim world in an address he will deliver in Egypt on Thursday.

Israelis and Arabs will be listening carefully for one of Obama’s expected messages — policy Netanyahu has met with defiant words — that creation of a Palestinian state is essential for peace and settlement expansion must stop.

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