Obama teases that the press is in “bed with him”

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While the president’s joke was likely a reference to NBC’s “Inside the Obama White House” program, in which Williams and a camera crew shot a reported 150 hours of occasionally intrusive footage at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the double meaning of a reporter “in bed” with the president wasn’t lost on some critics of the press.

“Although this is a funny joke, it’s actually sad because the joke’s really on us,” commented Noel Sheppard, associate editor of NewsBusters, “for the underlying truth is that Williams and NBC are indeed in bed with the new administration, and everybody present including the guest speaker knows it.”

Sheppard continued on his website, “Not only does Obama clearly understand who got him elected with their disgraceful abdication of journalistic integrity, but they also know it, and rather than be embarrassed by it, they’re proud of it.”

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