Obama wants to be the Only Voice

[ So Mr. Obama wants to be the “only” voice regarding the nation’s future, and blames the previous administration for the current “mess,” despite the fact Mr. Obama and the banksters have wildly outspent Bush during his first 100 days in office… Why does this remind me of Mr. Bush’s bluster that he alone was the “Decider”? ]

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Not to mention — which particular “mess” are we talking about here, anyway? The failed banking industry? The trillions of dollars siphoned out of the economy under Obama’s watch? The socialization of the American auto industry? The socialization of Health care?  The continued EXPANSION of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq?  The continued torture of POWs under the phony “Patriot Act” legislation?  The problem of illegal immigration?  Which mess is it that Mr. Obama is (insincerely) claiming responsibility for fixing???

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