ObamaCare and the death of Medicine

Assembly-Line Medicine

by Chuck Baldwin

It is no hyperbole to say that the consequences of the recently passed “Obamacare” bills by the Congress will be horrific. In fact, I’m not even sure that the English language contains a word sufficiently suitable to describe exactly how dreadful the consequences of this new national health care monstrosity will actually be.

With all its faults, America’s health care system is the finest in the world. Why else would rich people in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and elsewhere come to the US when the medical chips are really down? Socialized medicine doesn’t work for them and it won’t work for the United States.

The negative effects of Obamacare are already starting to take effect. Across the country, tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of physicians are making preparations to retire. I would be willing to predict that the vast majority of physicians who are financially able to retire will do so before 2014 (the year Obamacare officially takes full effect). And who can blame them? Not me.

Think of it: under Obamacare, physicians will be told to increase their patient load by at least one-third, or maybe even half. Imagine a physician with a government-mandated patient load of maybe 5,000 or 6,000 people (or even more than that). Imagine some federal bureaucrat demanding that the physician spend not more than, say, 4 minutes with each patient. Imagine that physician being told what he or she will not be allowed to prescribe or what they will not be allowed to treat. Imagine the health care Nazis micromanaging not only patient care and treatment, but also wages and pricing. If you think insurance companies have too much control over medical care now, just wait until government-mandated (and controlled) medical care is implemented. In other words, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! How could any self-respecting, conscientious physician practice medicine in an environment such as that? They couldn’t–and they won’t. And this will create a shortage of physicians like you won’t believe, which only serves to push the patient load per doctor and quality of care per patient to unsustainable levels. In other words, prepare for assembly-line, one-size-fits-all medical care!

And don’t expect any relief from the courts over inferior medical treatment, either. With the federal government in charge of medical care, the patient’s right to recover damages from malpractice will be substantially limited. After all, when is the last time anyone you know was able to successfully sue the federal government for anything? The feds are immune, Brother. And that means any federally-mandated and controlled health care will be largely immune from any claim of malpractice–or at least that damages will be strictly limited.

Plus, placing your medical care in the lap of the federal government allows the feds to “share” even more of your personal information with hundreds of its alphabet police agencies. Will your medical information be shared with the BATFE, for example? If so, could some of that information be used to deny your right to lawfully purchase a firearm? You can count on it! Good grief! Guess which agency has been chosen to implement and enforce Obama’s national health care program? The IRS! If that doesn’t send goose bumps up your spine, you don’t have one!

I cannot say it forcefully enough: the newly created Obamacare bills are among the most evil and most reprehensible laws ever passed in Congress, the result of which will destroy quality health care (except for the rich and powerful); create perhaps the largest federal bureaucracy (complete with ubiquitous government enforcers) ever seen; increase the size and scope of the IRS to harass, seize, and imprison; and drive up health care costs, federal spending, federal deficits, and, yes, taxes.

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