Obama’s drone attacks on Pakistan raise ethics questions

[ Gee. Do you think that using robots to bomb other nations might possibly be a breach in ethics, Mr. Kucinich?  That killing innocent people in the name of the spurious “war on terror” might ITSELF be an act of institutionalized terrorism? ]


Kucinich: US drone attacks in Pakistan could ‘inspire radicalism’

WASHINGTON – Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) forcefully criticized the United States’ drone strikes in Pakistan as inspiring the anti-American sentiments they seek to quell, touching upon a consequence of the policy rarely discussed in the media but well-recognized in the region.

“I do not support the drone attacks,” Kucinich told Raw Story, arguing that they are pushing the United States “into an area of unaccountability that would lead to blowback, where we actually lose friends, where we help inspire anti-American sentiments and fanaticism and radicalism.”

The missile strikes, carried out by aircraft drones piloted remotely, have wiped out many Islamic militants, including high-level Al-Qaeda operatives, according to Pentagon officials.

But they have also killed civilians, sparking anger in the Islamic nation and fueling dissatisfaction with the United States and Pakistan’s pro-American government alike. Kucinich argued that the strikes are, as a result, counterproductive.

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