Obama’s fake news conference goes bad?

Obama uses “race” to incite people just like GW Bush used the threat of terrorism…  Either way, these sorts of propaganda techniques are meant to control people by creating a state of political imbalance and fear. ]


Did White House plant Gates question?
Bloggers speculate on genesis of national race controversy

By Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM – Although the reporter involved denies she coordinated with the White House, speculation abounds over the genesis of the press conference inquiry last week by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, whose question about Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. prompted a national race scandal involving President Obama.

Several blogs have picked up on unanswered questions surrounding the event and have speculated that the White House may have coordinated the question.

“Sweet was prepped, planted and performed on cue,” was the title of a piece on The Real Barack Obama blog.

“Lynn Sweet has earned her bones as a reliable member of ‘Chicago on the Potomac,'” concluded the blog. “Congratulations, Lynn, you’ve finally arrived! You’re playing with the big dogs now.”

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