Obama’s Surge – More US troops in Afghanistan than Iraq

US troops in Afghanistan surpass number in Iraq

American forces in Afghanistan have surpassed those in Iraq for the first time since Saddam Hussein was ousted as the struggle against the Taliban-led insurgency intensifies.

Troops are continuing to flood into Afghanistan as part of Barack Obama’s surge, while the United States is rapidly withdrawing from Iraq.

The most recent Pentagon figures show 94,000 US personnel are now in Afghanistan compared with 92,000 in Iraq.

Mr Obama was elected on a pledge to pull US troops from their unpopular involvement in Iraq as soon as possible and instead focus on the “necessary war” to prop up Hamid Karzai’s regime.

He said at the weekend: “As we end the war in Iraq … we are pressing forward in Afghanistan.” “There will be difficult days ahead. We will adapt, we will persist, and I have no doubt that together with our Afghan and international partners, we will succeed in Afghanistan.”

US numbers in Afghanistan are scheduled to peak later this year at about 98,000 as the final detachments of 30,000 reinforcements ordered by Mr Obama in December arrive.

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