Osama and Atheism’s Nightmare

It’s interesting, is it not, that Osama bin Laden, George Bush’s oft-forgotten nemesis, is now resurfacing for the anniversary of 9-11?  Oh, apparently the Bush and Bin Laden families go way back, having had social and financial relations for over 20 years.  Who knew?

Anyway, according to an AP wire I read today, “terror mastermind Osama bin Laden plans a new video to be released in the coming days ahead of the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, his first new message in more than a year, al-Qaida’s media arm announced Thursday.”

What’s interesting to me is not, however, the dark suspicion I have regarding the entire “war on terror” as a pretext for fascist control and the promotion of the “new world order,” but the intriguing question I have for atheists, agnostics, left-leaning liberals, and others who might feel threatened by the phenomena of Islamic terrorism.  My question to them is similar to a question I might ask a thorough-going humanist who denies that there is any objective truth regarding morality in the world, or a question I might ask an evolutionist regarding the genocide perpetrated by the likes of Adolf Hitler (y’sh) and other mutants of the human gene pool.

My question is simply this: Based on your metaphysical assumptions, how is it possible to oppose terror or the murder of innocent people?  If you appeal to self-interest, I would argue that the terrorist’s self-interest in this case has equal value and therefore theoretically negates your own.  If you appeal to utilitarian grounds, I would argue that the terrorists version of the “greatest good for the greatest number” is just as valid a hypothesis as your desire to ensure that there are many well-fed faces in America.  If you appeal to “might makes right” philosophy, I would argue that presumably this is the basis for which terror attacks are occurring in the first place, and therefore to thrash it out on the grounds of brute force requires a playing field that includes the scenario of your house, person and possessions being subject to violence.  If you appeal to ideas of “justice” or “righteousness,” I would like you to precisely explain to me the origin, nature, and definition of these ideas.

In short, as Dostoevsky once said, “If God is dead, everything is permissible.”  That includes the “permissibility” of Osama bin Laden or whatever other bogey you want to invoke.  Left-wing humanists, evolutionists, and others who deny that the God of Scripture is the foundation and Archimedean Point for the human duty to be decent and well-behaved are simply in a quandary.  They have to use other grounds to protest the workings of Osama bin Laden or others who use violence to serve their own agenda…

But what other grounds?

The fanatic, the homicide bomber, the crazed Jihadist — all are an embarrassment to the pantywaist leftists who claim to be enlightened and cultured in the West.  These are the “hornets” that God has sent so that the American pagan mind cannot hide.

A Rodney King “can’t-we-all-just-get-along” type appeal is utter nonsense to the Jihadist.  The world of western intellectualism has spawned a weak-minded, cowardly, spineless, namby-pamby mindset.  Or as C.S. Lewis said, “men without chests,” i.e., men without real conviction.  What flaming Western liberal do you know who is willing to die for their convictions?  What pop star?  What politician?  What historian?  Art critic?  What hero do you have in mind?

The rise of Islamic fascism is a direct result of the effeminancy and godlessness of the West.  The battles are not fought using carnal weapons, but in the realm of ideas — in the realm of the spirit.  Since the western world has collectively spurned God and the realm of real, objective, and transcendent duty, it is forced to find all-too-human answers to spiritual problems.  Hence on the one hand you see many so-called Christians advocating the infliction of carnage upon those who threaten them, and on the other hand you see bleeding hearts impotently decrying the violence they personally find distasteful.

It blows my mind, really.  US culture is sated with well-groomed meterosexuals waxing indignant about the injustice of war, and yet many of them are entirely terrified of the idea that their lives are under examination from God, that they are accountable for their own moral choices, that they are not exempted from their own curses.  They want to make Christianity a “hate crime” and yet ignore the hate crimes of humanism, atheism, and other life-denying worldviews. The bar of justice they romantically appeal to is actually their own judgement seat.

Moribund, decadent, hedonistic, narcissistic Western culture no longer can wage a war for “liberty,” “truth,” “goodness” or “righteousness,” since these words are meaningless riddles to them, and therefore the will to win is already lost.

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