“Policy” and the rule of law

In the United States today, young children are taught from the moment that they first enter school that they are to blindly follow orders. By the time most Americans have become adults, if they are told that something “is policy” then they just accept it. Decades of conditioning have trained us to do what we are told no matter what the consequences are. But what happens when “policy” asks us to do the unthinkable?

All over America, “it’s policy” has become an excuse for absolutely unspeakable acts. Fire crews are standing by and watching homes burn to the ground and rescue crews are standing by and watching people drown all in the name of policy. Because it is “policy”, every single day in airports all over the nation TSA “officials” are sexually touching Americans and Americans are allowing them to do it. Things have gotten completely and totally out of control. Hitler and Stalin and Chairman Mao were able to do the things that they did because their people blindly adhered to their “policies”. In the United States today, is there anything that the American people would not do if they were told that it was “policy” to do it?

This country is starting to get really crazy. Just consider the following three examples where “it’s policy” was used as an excuse for absolutely horrifying behavior….

#1 In the San Francisco area recently, fire crews and police stood on the shore and just watched as a 50 year old man slowly drowned in the San Francisco Bay. In the old days, Americans were never concerned with what “the policy” was in a situation like that. If someone was drowning people that could swim would jump in and rescue them. But today all of that has changed. The following is how an article posted on MSNBC described the incident with the drowning man….

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