Rabbis: Olmert come back now!

Leading rabbis call on Olmert to come back to Israel now because even talking about withdrawal is dangerous

Leading rabbis, members of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace which is comprised of over 350 prominent rabbis in Israel have sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert calling on him to come back to Israel and not to participate in the Conference in Annapolis which begins Tuesday.

“Tell President George Bush that Israel wants true peace and therefore cannot take part in such a conference whose goal is to extract more and more concessions and withdrawals from Israel. This will bring to bloodshed and increase terrorism in the area. This is what has been happening time and time again after every concession or withdrawal in the last 15 years.”

The rabbis also wrote that President Bush himself is aware of the historical fact that every piece of land that was given to the Palestinians turned into a launching pad and training camp to fire on Israel and carry out terrorist attacks.

“The chronological order events of the past prove without a doubt that by merely talking about withdrawal encourages and leads to terrorist attacks, to deaths and casualties, G-d forbid. Only when Israel will present this fact clearly and firmly will it receive international recognition as a country that seeks peace,” the rabbis continued.

“One doesn’t even have to go far back, just last week when talk of the conference intensified a Jew was killed in a terrorist attack and rockets were fired on Israeli town from Gush Katif, the area that was given to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.”

The Rabbis noted that the Torah and Jewish Code of Law which are concerned for the security and wellbeing of every Jew foresaw this painful axiom hundreds of years ago when it ruled that it is absolutely forbidden to give up even one inch of land that is under Jewish control to foreigners because it will only lead to bloodshed. It is a matter of life or death for all residents of Israel.

“It is still not too late to stop the bloodshed that this conference will lead to,” the rabbis pleaded, “Pack your bags, take your entourage and come back home immediately if not sooner! The Rabbis told Olmert.


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