Rabbis to Obama: Back Off

Rabbis to Obama: Stop pressing on capital

‘You don’t want to enter list of those who raised a hand against Jerusalem’

by Aaron Klien

JERUSALEM – Leading rabbis in Israel released a petition yesterday demanding President Obama cease pressuring the Jewish state on the issue of Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem is off limits, and we respectfully request that you stop all talk and pressure against Jewish construction in Jerusalem,” reads a petition signed by 250 members of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace.

The Congress is a coalition of Israeli rabbinic leaders, including pulpit rabbis and some of the most prestigious names in the Torah community.

“During these days when our nation mourns the destruction of Jerusalem and remembers in abhorrence those that destroyed it, we are sure that you, Mr. President, do not want to enter the list of those who raised a hand on Jerusalem and its Jewish inhabitants,” the rabbis write.

The rabbis state that besides the sanctity of Jerusalem, it is “totally illogical” to “even think” about negotiating with the Palestinians, pointing out “every piece of territory” taken over by the Palestinian Authority was turned into a sanctuary for terrorism and a launching for attacks against Jews.

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