Rabbis warn Bush: destruction to USA

Kibbitz: I wonder why these Rabbis think that their own leaders should get a pass on judgement?  For example, they blame the Katrina disaster for US support of disengagement from Gaza, yet it was Ariel Sharon who made that happen.  Why don’t they be consistent and warn the Israeli power brokers about the judgment that might come to Israel?  And for that matter, why doesn’t God immediately judge those Arabs who murder Jewish lives?  What about the suicide bombers?  What about the Katyusha rockets?  Oy vey! Ikkvot Meshichah – the footsteps of the Messiah….

The day has arrived. We are beginning the most difficult and painful step of all, evacuating our communities from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria (West Bank).

This step is very difficult for me personally. It is not with a light heart that the government of Israel made this decision on disengagement and the parliament did not lightly approve it. 

I initiated the plan because I reached the conclusion that this action is essential for Israel.  – Ariel Sharon

The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. God punishes anyone who coerces Israel to give up its land. – UltraOrthodox Rabbis

Nu…does this apply to someone like Olmert, for example?

Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring destruction to USA

Group of right-wing rabbis writes open letter to US president demanding he cancel Annapolis summit or risk provoking ‘wrath of the almighty.’ Rabbis assert Katrina disaster a result of America’s support of 2005 disengagement, say California fires a warning

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