Religion of Peace(tm) demontrates liberal good will, open-mindedness

[ I hope you detect my heavy sarcasm in the title of this post. This is a prime example of the sort of murderous frenzy that cultic thinking engenders among its adherents… ]


Muslim extremists chop off Catholic’s hand

Suspected Islamic militants have chopped off a Catholic professor’s hand in Kerala for allegedly insulting Islam in an exam question paper.

Professor T.J. Joseph was attacked on July 4 in while returning home from Sunday mass with his mother and sister, a Catholic nun.

Kochi inspector-general of police, B. Sandya, told that an Islamic extremist group is suspected of the crime and have arrested four people and impounded a vehicle.

She said the attackers used the vehicle to block Joseph’s car before dragging the professor from his vehicle and chopping off his right hand. The attackers then threw the hand away before fleeing.

Church-managed Newman College in Thodupuzha had suspended Joseph, its Malayalam professor, on March 25 for allegedly preparing a question paper with insulting references to the Prophet Muhammad.

St. Joseph Sister Mary Stella said the assailants attacked her brother with an axe and swords.

“They also attacked our elderly mother,” before fleeing, she said.

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  • Ryan

    In spite of crazy incidents like this, our leaders in D.C. continue to make an effort of “reaching out” towards Islam. Even so far as giving NASA that objective of “reaching out”.

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