Ron Paul: The choice of the troops

Ron Paul: The choice of the troops

WASHINGTON, January 22, 2012—Anyone who believes that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is a sign of weakness, or that he does not have the courage to defend this country, should talk to Dr. Paul’s military supporters. More than 1,500 supporters showed up at the march on the White House in support of Congressman Paul.

Among them were over 400 active duty or retired military members participating in the rally. None of them were timid about their support of the only military veteran in the race for the Presidency.

“We support him because he supports us!” exclaimed Corporal Jesse Thorton in his speech supporting Ron Paul. Echoing the theme of the march, Thorton also said, “Ron Paul is the choice of the troops.”

Paul’s supporters gathered at the Washington Monument and then marched to the White House with the troops in the lead. Those who provided proof of military service then fell into a formation facing away from the White House. The formation of over 400 troops stood at salute one second for every military victim of suicide while Obama has been President. This lasted for over eight minutes.

They then stood at parade rest in silent prayer for another 21 minutes to honor every troop who had died in combat during the Obama administration. When asked how he felt the march went, co-founder of Veterans for Ron Paul, Nathan Cox was very pleased. “I think it was awesome. We had over 400 troops in formation.”

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