Ron Paul vs. John McCain

Is it surprising to any of you that the US Presidential election cycle (again) is proving to be a “nail-biting” event served up by the mass media? Not me. With rampant vote fraud and the twisted people who attempt to control the outcomes and appearances of what constitutes “news,” what generally surprises me is the level of stupidity and gullibility that is regularly ascribed to the average American these days.

How did John “son-of-Cain” McCain rise so high in the polls when he was regularly bested in debates, in fundraising, and (most importantly) in statesmanship by Dr. Ron Paul? Ask billionaires George Soros or Teresa Heinz Kerry for some answers….

The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” — George Soros (The Age of Fallibility) 1

With the “in-credible” results from the Texas primaries just in, it appears Mike Huckabee will drop out…  For the GOP that leaves just McCain and Dr. Ron Paul.  Dr. Paul will refuse to bow out because he is a man of true principle, not a hireling like so many other political glitterati.  He is the new enfant terrible of the establishment and the most unlikely of prophets…. Basically Ron Paul represents a reactionary position that appeals to all who want to return to Constitutional principles.  That’s the Law of the Land that the LORD told us to obey in Romans 13, after all…. Is it so strange that his message upsets the globalists and other princes of this age?

On the Democrat side we have the absurd race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.  What interests me is how the mass media has decided to distract the American public from the real issues (the war with Iraq/Afghanistan, the bankruptcy of the dollar; the steady erosion of civil liberties and concomitant rise of fascism, etc.) with a beauty contest that pits feminist ideology against racial justice concerns, all the while serving up doctored numbers to suggest that the race itself is extremely close.  This makes for high ratings, big bucks for advertisers, and yet another way to lure somnabulant Americans into higher-level modes of social engineering…

Since Dr. Paul is regularly blacked out from the main stream media (or worse, slandered as “anti-Semitic” or “pro-gay” through gross misinterpretation of his Libertarian principles), I thought it would be good for you to see this short video:

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