Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning

Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning

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  • Regina Dinwiddie

    I will not miss a chance to vote for Ron Paul again! The Republicans talked me into voting for Palin (not McCain, Obama Lite). It will not happen again. It always astounds me that people think Ron Paul has strange ideas because he stands on our founding documents, the Declaration (yes, it has legal powers) and the Constitution. How have we fallen so far? Oh, we strayed from the Truth of the Bible and became hardened and dull? We forgot that we do not want to be equal to Europe, but independent. We forgot that we broke free from the power of the Pope and have a completely Papist influenced executive branch, six out of nine Supreme Ct. Justices Catholic, the majority of the Senate and House-Catholic, all on the premise of being “pro-life”. What a laugh. If they were really anti-abortion, abortion would have been abolished by now. Awake O’ Sleeper redeeming the time is evil. Congress voted for a raise in the debt ceiling to avoid a downturn in the stock market, guess what? The market is down because we aren’t doing a thing to reduce the debt. SUCKERS!!!

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