Russia pledges military cooperation with Iran (Magog war looms)

Russia says it has no plan to restrict its military cooperation with Iran, stressing that Moscow would not allow “competitors a chance to take advantage of the situation”.

The announcement came one day after a source, quoted by Interfax news agency, claimed that the Russian government had not received any payments as it had not given its final approval for the sale of the S-300 missiles to Iran yet.

However, Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation said in a statement that Moscow would fulfill its commitment according to its ‘international obligations’.

“The Russian Federation implements and plans to further implement the military-technical cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in strict accordance with existing legislation and its international obligations,” AFP quoting the service as saying.

The source told the Russian news agency “the contract to deliver S-300 systems to Iran was frozen indefinitely due to an array of circumstances practically right after it was signed”.

Moscow signed a contract with Tehran in 2007 to supply the powerful S-300 missiles to Iran.

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