Should all critics of the gov’t be labeled as “terrorists”?

[ Why doesn’t this surprise me? Don’t ALL fascist governments liquidate the opposition so that they can consolidate power and seize control over the people? Think of Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, Stalin, Kim Jong II, Pol Pot, etc. To think this could never happen here in the USA is a form of delusion that the framers of the US Constitution warned us about. WAKE UP. ]


WASHINGTON — Americans who turn to terrorism and plot against the U.S. are now as big a concern as international terrorists, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday.

The government is just starting to confront this reality and does not have a good handle on how to prevent someone from becoming a violent extremist, she said.

“What really is it that draws a young person being raised in the United States to want to go and be at a camp in Yemen and then come back to the United States with the idea of committing harm within the United States?” Napolitano asked without citing specific cases. “Where in that person’s formulation is there an opportunity to break that cycle?”

[ For starters, how about offering some REAL public education about the US Constitution in American public schools?  How about providing some civics classes that don’t blame “dead white European males” for all the world’s problems?  How about remembering and honoring the Judeo-Christian roots of the United States?  How about reminding students that they will give account of their lives before Almighty God one day, and that showing respect to others is therefore non-negotiable?  The hypocrisy of all this is astounding…. Nearly ALL the self-hating rhetoric of America really comes from the political left, the so-called “liberals” in the US who operate from an elitist mindset and who regularly contemn the United States in a way not unlike terrorists do…  The threat comes “from within” alright, but originates in the halls of a secular educational system that teaches students to despise what America is really all about . The threat certainly does NOT come from Americans who cherish traditional values and honor the original vision of this country…  THAT’S HOW YOU CAN BREAK THE CYCLE, JANET. ]

In the last year, Napolitano said, she’s witnessed a movement from international extremism to domestic extremism – cases in which Americans radicalized and decided to plot attacks against the country.

In reality, as leaked state and federal documents illustrate, the primary focus of the war on terror is aimed at American citizens who exercise or merely show an interest in their own constitutional rights. As President Obama’s would-be TSA head and former FBi agent Erroll Southers stated last month, white Christian “anti-government” types are now the primary target of suspicion for authorities. –  Paul Joseph Watson

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