Students under State Surveillance

[ In today’s world of limitless bogeymen, everyone is a suspect… The moral of the following story is that if you are young and inclined to think for yourself, you too are an enemy of the State… ]



If the pupils here learn one thing, it’s that their every move is being watched.

And parents have said that since this secondary school put up an astonishing 112 security cameras, it felt more like sending their children to a high-security prison.

Governors at Stoke Park School and Community Technology College in Coventry spent £10,000 installing the CCTV – which gives it an average of one camera for every ten students.

They say the cameras – 33 outside and 79 inside the buildings – are to combat a spate of break-ins and thefts.

But some parents and civil rights groups believe the move is ‘totally over the top’ and are demanding the devices are taken down.

Parents and civil rights groups say the cameras at the school are ‘totally over the top’ and are demanding they be taken down

Father-of-two Dan Austin, 40, said: ‘It’s ridiculous to have so many cameras and totally unnecessary. All parents want their children to be safe at school but this is over the top. It’s like sending your kids to a high-security prison.

‘I don’t like the idea that children are being monitored so closely – it instills a dangerous lesson that no one is trustworthy.’

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