Taqiyya and playing the victim

[ I don’t endorse the mixing of Christianity with the ugliness of American geopolitics, but the fact of the matter is that many Islamic political groups justify deception for the sake of the advancement of the “house of Islam” (i.e., ‘taqiyya’ ). Adherents to such ideology characteristically attack others, such as devout Christians, as being “political,” all with the ulterior motive to manipulate the political process for the sake of their own ideological biases.  It’s a savvy approach — to play the victim card and then go on to threaten others with lawsuits, violence, etc. ]


DENVER — A watchdog group is demanding the Pentagon cancel plans for an evangelist to speak at a National Day of Prayer observance, citing his past description of Islam as “evil.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation said Tuesday that Muslims who work at the Pentagon objected to evangelist Franklin Graham’s planned appearance.

The foundation also wants the Pentagon to limit its ties with the National Day of Prayer Task Force, a Colorado group that organizes Christian events for the prayer day.

The foundation says the Pentagon’s relationship with the task force amounts to improper preferential treatment.

The Pentagon and a spokesman for Graham’s ministry say they are locating officials to respond. A spokesman for the task force didn’t immediately return a call.

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