The Collapsing US Dollar

[ It’s odd how the collapse of the dollar is suddenly “main stream” news when it’s been foreseen by MANY thoughtful culture watchers for the last decade or more.   Once again the main stream media is the last to understand the facts. Indeed, the main stream media will be the last to connect the dots that reveal how the collapse of the dollar and the attempt to “reconstruct” America are coextensive operations… ]


The dollar’s position as the world’s leading reserve currency faces increased pressure as the financial crisis allows emerging economies greater influence on the world stage, analysts said.

A report last week in The Independent claiming that China, Russia and Gulf States are among nations prepared to ditch the dollar for oil trades has heightened the uncertainty surrounding the US currency’s future.

The dollar slumped against rivals last week in the wake of the British daily’s controversial report.

“The US dollar is being hurt by the continued talk of a shift away from a dollar-centric world,” said Kit Juckes, an analyst at currency traders ECU Group.

“Three conclusions stand out very clearly. Firstly, the shift in economic power away from the G7 economies is continuing. “Secondly, there is a growing acceptance amongst those winners that one consequence of this power shift will be to strengthen their currencies.

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