The devil takes care of his own

[ ¬†People of good conscience do not need this sort of “protection.” ¬†Only the wicked need thugs to watch their backs…. ]


$1-billion in security buys a post-apocalyptic Toronto

From the 346-metre-high observation deck of the CN Tower, which replicates the only view of this city helicoptering G20 leaders will see when they land in downtown Toronto, the summit host has the look of a metropolis hit by a killer plague.

The weekday fixture of jammed streets have been reduced to a scintilla of pre-dawn traffic volumes, eerie stretches of open pavement broken only by the flashing lights of motorcycle cops ushering black SUVs in dress rehearsals for the handover of the Huntsville G8 to the Toronto G20 tomorrow.

The railyards have been cleared except for occasional GO Trains snaking into the core carrying a fraction of regular passenger volumes.

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