The Distraction of the 9-11 Mosque

[ It should be noted that the official 9/11 story is riddled with inconsistencies, errors, propaganda, and outright lies…  For more information about, for example, how a 47-story, all-steel structure (i.e., WTC-7) fell to the ground at free-fall velocity – despite never being hit by an airplane, see this site (or watch this video or this one).  The  Muslim-9/11 connection, therefore is suspect, and reminds me of the equally fallacious reasoning that attempted to connect Saddam Hussein with the collapse of the Twin Towers – even though the connection was later proven to be nothing but sheer propaganda.  The real enemy of liberty in this country – and around the world – is the transnational banking conglomerates, who surely orchestrated the entire 9/11 event.

Let’s not be fooled by the social engineers.  They are attempting to exploit sentiment against Islam for their own evil purposes.  Islam is surely a false religion, but it is not responsible for the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.  If you want to know who’s behind the real business of terror, follow the money trail. You can begin your search here

In what follows, Ron Paul makes the (additional) point that fighting against a doctrine you find morally repugnant is a two-edged sword.  If the mob is able to coerce Muslims into compliance, why should Christians object if Muslims do the same thing in other parts of the world?  A consistent libertarian rejects governmental interference when it is not necessary.  If we fight Islam regarding the liberty to worship, don’t be surprised if the “secular” government turns its sight upon churches and synagogues next.  After all, the autocratic State ultimately demands to be worshiped, just as bloody human history has revealed time and time again…. ]

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Ron Paul Defends Ground Zero Mosque

In an apparent break with his son, Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul, Rep. Ron Paul unleashed a lengthy and at times angry statement on his website Friday that supports the rights of Muslims to build what’s become known as the “Ground Zero Mosque.”

The elder Paul, known as a staunch libertarian and small government conservative, argues strongly that New York City’s Muslim community has every right to build the mosque and Islamic cultural center two blocks from the site of the 9/11 attacks.

Rand Paul, by contrast, has sided with many conservatives asking that the site of the mosque be moved in deference to the wishes of those who lost loved ones during the attack.

“While this is a local matter that should be decided by the people of New York, Dr. Paul does not support a mosque being built two blocks from Ground Zero,” Paul spokesperson Gary Howard told “In Dr. Paul’s opinion, the Muslim community would better serve the healing process by making a donation to the memorial fund for the victims of September 11th.”

But Ron Paul doesn’t agree. Moreover, he criticizes those who blame Islam alone for the attacks, rather than a small fanatical group of terrorists. He goes on to argue that Christians, especially Catholics, could be held to the same standard for the religious wars in medieval Europe.

“This is all about hate and Islamaphobia,” he writes. “We now have an epidemic of “sunshine patriots” on both the right and the left who are all for freedom, as long as there’s no controversy and nobody is offended. Political demagoguery rules when truth and liberty are ignored.”

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