The Greatest Heist in the History of the World

The Crime of Our Time: Was the Economic Collapse “Indeed, Criminal?”

A Review of Danny Schechter’s Book

by Stephen Lendman

“The Biggest Crime In The World.” ┬áThat’s what former Wall Street banker Nomi Prins told Schechter when he interviewed her last December. “You’re talking double-digit trillions of dollars – minimum – already in the beginning of 2009, and we are nowhere near done with finding out how much loss there really is.”

One estimate was $197.4 trillion, including “monies lost, value depreciated, and money spent to try to stabilize the system….and that (figure) may be low,” yet it’s incomprehensible. And getting to the bottom of it through a modern-day Pecora Commission may duplicate the 9/11 whitewash. According to economist Dean Baker:

“Instead of striving to uncover the truth, (an investigation) may seek to conceal it” and tell banksters they’re free to steal again.

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