The New “Committee of Twelve”

Is the USA undergoing a coup before our very eyes?

The Super Congress Is An Artificial And Authoritarian Agency That Is Usurping American Sovereignty

“Perhaps I was asleep, or have amnesia, or maybe I was abducted by aliens, but I don’t remember ever having elected a Super Congress. However, apparently there will be a committee of twelve that will effectively run our country…. This “Super Congress” of twelve will recommend cuts that will basically go unchallenged. They must make their recommendations by Thanksgiving, then the congress must have up or down votes with no changes. A simple yes or no vote to enact new law with vast implications on the lives of every American. That this group will be appointed and not elected is bad enough, but if their cuts hopefully done with a scalpel are not voted in, there will be a trigger that takes effect and makes even more draconian cuts, most likely with a butcher knife or ax.”
– R.W. Sanders, The Huffington Post: “The Super Congress We Did Not Elect.”

The dead body politic in Washington is transforming itself in front of our eyes into a new dictatorial machine that is responsive to the private will of a few international banks and monopolistic corporations, not the will of the American people.

By setting up a parapolitical structure above Congress called the “Super Congress,” the traitors in Washington on both sides of the aisle are taking the invisible mask off of the shadow totalitarian government that they’ve constructed from behind the scenes in the past several decades.

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4 comments to The New “Committee of Twelve”

  • jim

    If DICK DURBIN is on this commitee It`s void. This is a man
    who when anyone made a proposal he said it was dead and wouldn`t
    even come up for a vote. This without even reading the proposal!
    DICK DURBIN is the most despicable man to ever walk the halls
    of congress!
    Also at OBAMAS` emaculation in chicago; the first person he thanks
    is DICK DURBIN! FOR;; union money laundering, voter fraud,or what??

  • Lucien

    Why isn’t there a major uproar over this? What’s being done to stop this! Isn’t there someone in our political system or media that can sound the alarm and lead the charge? America is in for a very rude awaking if this is not stopped quickly! What can the average American do?

  • Myra Parrott

    Real americans need to wake up and realize that we are being manipulated by a power so vicious, and cold hearted that it will stop at nothing to bring down the economic super powers, they cause economic chaos everywhere they go, distroying whatever real freedoms anyone in the world has or will have. This is the real committee of twelve who run the other committees including the super committee of twelve that will devastate middle america. It is also called the NWO. Where are the John Waynes of the world to stand up against these powers. We need a real superhero to come to the rescue of all Americans. This committee has resources at thier fingertips that we can only wish for, they control stock markets, governments, and men in power. Deception is thier real weapon of choice, lying to all of us about what the real roll that government has played in the destruction of America.

  • Jack

    Our government is very corrupt. People run for congress so that they can get rich from lobbyist.
    We need term limits. The longer our representatives are in Washington, the more corrupt and powerful they become. When they lose in an election, they become lobbyist. Political power equates to contributions to congressmen.

    What can be done to clean it up? Maybe force them to publish all of their financial information monthly? what else? Outlaw all contributions to congressmen and the president?

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