The Plight of Iraqi Christians Continues

[ The following article should make ANY genuine liberal angry as hell.  The silence of the phony “liberals” in the US is DEAFENING.

Despite the political trash-talk of both GW Bush and Obama, the Iraq war has done nothing but consolidate Muslim power in the region… Nearly all Jews have left Iraq, and the number of Christians there has dwindled to half of what it was before the American invasion in 2003. Today many Iraqi Christian communities live under constant persecution and attacks from members of the “religion of peace.”   And still no word from either GW Bush or Barack Obama regarding how their failed policies have hurt our friends over there. ]


Baghdad church siege survivors speak of taunts, killings and explosions

Attack prompts worldwide condemnation and leaves Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community in despair

At sunset yesterday, Raghada al-Wafi walked excitedly to mass with news for the priest who married her a month ago. Tonight, exactly 24 hours later, she returned to the Our Lady of Salvation church – this time carried by her family in a coffin that also contained her unborn child.

Today, the priest who blessed her marriage and pregnancy minutes before he was killed, will also be buried, as will several dozen other members of his congregation – all of them slain by terrorists in an attack that has drawn condemnation from around the world and left the fate of Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community evermore uncertain .

Fifty-eight people, most of them worshippers from the Chaldean Catholic community, are confirmed to have been killed in the massacre, which was carried out by al-Qaida-aligned gunmen, some of whom claimed to be avenging a foiled bid by a small-town US pastor to burn the Qur’an.

Survivors spoke of religious taunts, random killings and then a gunman slaughtering hostages en masse as the Iraqi army stormed the church to end the four-hour siege.

Ghassan Salah, 17, had just arrived for the Sunday night service with his mother, Nadine, and brother Ghaswan, when the gunmen burst through the cathedral’s huge wooden doors. “All of you are infidels,” they screamed at the congregation. “We are here to avenge the burning of the Qur’ans and the jailing of Muslim women in Egypt.”

Then the killing began. Ghassan and seven other survivors described to the Guardian a series of events that have broken new ground in a country that has become partly conditioned to violence throughout eight years of war. Thar Abdallah, the priest who married al-Wafi was first to be killed – shot dead where he stood.

Gunmen then sprayed the church with bullets as another priest ushered up to 60 people to a small room in the back.

Mona Abdullah Hadad, 62, was in church with her family when the gunmen started shooting. “They said, ‘We will go to paradise if we kill you and you will go to hell,’” she said. “We stood beside the wall and they started shooting at the young people. I asked them to kill me and let my grandson live, but they shot him dead and they shot me in the back.”

Hadad was recovering in a Baghdad hospital along with 67 other people, many of them seriously wounded. Part of her kidney was removed yesterday and she remains heavily traumatised.

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