The Rigged Game of American Politics…

by Dave Daubenmire

It is amazing to me that people cannot see that politics is a rigged game.

All you have to do is watch the media-circus in Iowa with its constantly changing “front-runners” to understand the degree to which the media controls our elections.

Polls are not news, but they create the news. Knowing the “herd mentality” of most folks, the media, like good sheep-dogs, do their best to drive the flock in the direction they want them to go. Everyone loves a winner and the polls tell us who the winner will be.

It used to be that the American media was somewhat honest…or at least honest in their attempts at reporting a story…but honesty and objectivity have fallen prey to ideology.

I don’t believe any of them. Not Rush, not Hannity, not Faux News, and certainly not Bill O’Reilly. They all claim to be independent, but that is part of the ruse. They all have strong loyalties and they all have someone who pulls their strings…writes their checks…knows what’s in their closets.

Somewhere “behind the curtain”, the decision was made who the “top tier” candidates were going to be. The job of the media is to make sure that the “establishment” favorites are the ones who make it through the primaries to the final stage.

In 2000, in a speech before the Commonwealth Club of California, straight-shooting radio host Michael Savage said:

“As you know, the media is very badly needed to serve as a thorn in the side of government. In order to keep the government reasonably honest we need the media to be constantly poking at it. However, when the media becomes a thorn in the side of the skeptical private citizen, then it becomes an arm of the government. That’s why I say, “Beware the Government-Media Complex.”

Wake up Zombies. “The People” may get to pick the President, but we sure don’t get to pick who the candidates will be. Can anyone explain to me how John McCain became the Republican nominee in 2008? Did it seem to you like the Republican establishment wanted to lose in 2008? Perhaps they knew the mess that lay on the road ahead.

Are things any different today? Even though he has been in constant campaign mode since 2008, Mitt Romney still cannot get more than 25% of the Republican vote. Yet “they” call him the “front runner”, the only candidate “capable of beating Obama.”

The real story is, everyone knows Romney and 75% of them don’t want him. But the media tells us Mitt is the front-runner and “likely Republican nominee.”

How do they know this?

They don’t. They create the appearance of front-runner status through the use of the latest “public opinion polls.” It is the way they steer the sheep to the winner.

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