Tolerating the Intolerable

[ “Let me be perfectly clear – you’re view is as equally important (and unimportant) as everyone else’s…” – Barack Obama (sp?).  This unctuous cliche is apparently intended to give everyone a “voice at the table,” yet it is certainly as vacuous as telling a young school kid: “everybody is equally special”  – which means, of course, that NO ONE really is …   So what happens when such a vacuous ideal of tolerance encounters something inherently intolerable?  Won’t such “tolerance” either morph into indifference or else inconsistently argue for absolute values?  How can a human being act “tolerant” in the face of horrendous evil, for example? Are you going to argue that the rapist has his own set of ethics you need to respect? Or how about the Nazi ideology? Are you willing to argue that the Nazis represented a “cultural value system” that needs to be honored in the same way that we might honor other cultures? ]

The self-contradiction within the doctrine of “absolute tolerance” is that it implies that we should tolerate all viewpoints as equally valid – including the viewpoint that denies the validity of absolute tolerance…


A Messianic Jewish leader and supporter of Israel thinks President Obama’s recent comments made to a Muslim group clearly illustrate his sentiments are with Islam — just as he promised in his book The Audacity of Hope.

On Friday, President Barack Obama created a firestorm when at a White House Ramadan observance he told the Muslim audience he supported the right of the developers to build a mega-mosque near the site of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But over the weekend he added that he would not comment on the wisdom of building a mosque close to “Ground Zero.”

Opponents of the mosque have deemed his comment insensitive because the terrorists who struck the buildings in 2001 were Islamic extremists.

Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, remembers what Obama wrote in one of his books.

“This is a bit of a paraphrase: ‘When ill winds blow,’ he said, ‘I will always stand with the Muslims,'” she cites. [Editor’s note – Actual quote: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”]

“I am not one who is saying that Barack Obama is a Muslim; we don’t know that,” the ministry leader continues. “But the fact is his sentiment is with the Muslims of the world, and his sentiment is with the Muslims of Manhattan. I’m quite sure that he would be very okay with a mosque just a stone’s-throw away from 9/11.”

But Markell believes once Obama expressed his support for the project, he publicly backtracked because he realized that he could not be disrespectful of the families of the 9/11 victims, even though his sentiments might be with the Muslims.

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