Tony Blair – False Apostle

[ This man is positively sophomoric in his understanding…  In fact, I wonder if a high school teen in braces is his ghostwriter.   Blair shows a mind-numbing ignorance of the true realities of spiritual commitment for literally billions of people on earth.  His blandishments are merely a disguise for the iron-fist of the secular ideologues who wish to further their social engineering and control over the masses of humanity. ]


The Globalization of Tolerance

By Tony Blair

Faith matters. Even if you are not of religious faith yourself. Over 4 billion people world-wide recognize themselves as religious. They may not attend an organized place of worship. But Faith plays a part in their lives. A recent poll found that religion is important for around 30-35% of people in Europe, 65% of Americans and for about 90% of people in most Muslim-majority countries.

I started the Tony Blair Faith Foundation because I believe the modern world cannot work unless people from different faiths and cultures learn to live in peaceful co-existence with each other. Understanding increases the possibility of peace.

Ignorance increases the potential for division. The reason this is so important today is that globalization is shrinking the space we live in, making us share it, pushing people together in a way that is unique in human history. Some dislike this process. Some, like me, are content and even welcome it. But, for sure, it is a fact. In this world, if religious faith becomes a counter force to this process, one which pulls people apart, then it becomes reactionary and divisive. So if I define myself as a Christian in opposition to you as a Muslim, then just as we are forced to live together by globalization, so we are forced apart by a view of religious faith that is exclusionary and hostile to those of a different faith to our own.

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