Tony Blair’s Anti-Christ Mission (and Rick Warren)

Tony Blair has said he wants to spend the rest of his life bringing the religions of the world together.

On the eve of the launch of his “faith foundation”, the former prime minister also said faith had given him the courage to make unpopular decisions he knew were right during his 10 years in office.

In an interview with Time magazine, Mr Blair said faith could be “a civilising force in globalisation”, bringing different peoples together to solve the world’s problems.

He argued: “Faith is part of our future, and faith and the values it brings with it are an essential part of making globalisation work.” Mr Blair’s foundation, which will be officially launched in New York today, will attempt to bring religions together to tackle major global issues such as the UN’s eight millennium development goals, which range from eradicating extreme poverty to ensuring environmental sustainability.

This is how I want to spend the rest of my life,” he said.

One of its first priorities will be to fight the spread of malaria.

Mr Blair said: “If you got churches and mosques and those of the Jewish faith working together to provide the bed nets that are necessary to eliminate malaria, what a fantastic thing that would be.

“That would show faith in action, it would show the importance of co-operation between faiths, and it would show what faith can do for progress.”

In an accompanying video, Mr Blair said he had spent “decades” thinking about setting up the foundation — including when he was still prime minister.

He added: “The purpose of it is so that we achieve a greater understanding between the different religious faiths, so that we make platforms for action by those faiths and deal with some of the biggest issues in the world — for example the millennium development goals and so on — it should be an interfaith encounter through action.

“But also so that we show that faith is something positive, a force for progress, something to do with our future as well as our past, and I want the foundation therefore to be actively promoting the greater understanding between the faiths but also lead to action by the faiths in society, in the world to the greater public good.

Bono, the U2 singer and anti-poverty campaigner, told the magazine: “I think he wants to dedicate the rest of his life to decrying the concept of a clash of civilisations.”

He disclosed that he had once been given a copy of the Koran by Mr Blair, who was reading a passage of it every night in an attempt to better understand Islam.

Mr Blair, who recently converted to Catholicism, said faith had helped him make tough decisions while in office.

Alastair Campbell, Mr Blair’s press secretary, once famously remarked that his government didn’t “do God”.

But Mr Blair, 55, said: “You don’t put a hotline up to God and get the answers. The worst thing in politics is when you’re so scared of losing support that you don’t do what you think is the right thing.

“What faith can do is not tell you what is right but give you the strength to do it.”


Today the news was announced that Rick Warren is on the Advisory Council for Tony Blair’s new Faith Foundation which promises to bring the Abrahamic faiths together to fight social ills. Tony Blair’s group is designed to fulfill the United Nations’ Millennium Goals.

The foundation will concentrate on certain key specifics. The first will be to help different faith organisations to work together in furtherance of the Millennium Development Goals, which Blair has said are “the litmus test of the world’s values.” While he believes faith groups do “great individual work in this area”, “they could do even more if helped also to combine together.” In his own words “it would be a great example of faith in action to try to bridge the gap and awaken the world’s conscience”.

You can read more about it here in this additional article. This article from the Associated Press tonight quotes Tony Blair as he explains his definition of “religious extremism” which he hopes to combat with his new group.

In a brief interview, Blair said he defined extremists as “people who want to exclude the other if someone is of a different faith.” Blair told the crowd that although Islamic extremism draws the most attention, “there are elements of extremism in every major faith.”

Mr. Blair would clearly have had a hard time with Jesus and his exclusive message of salvation through His merits alone. Those believers who believe Christ’s claims in Scripture that He alone is the way, the truth and the life, and who will not engage in pluralistic, interfaith dialogue with other world religions are going to increasingly be labeled “extremists”. Rick Warren has signed on to Mr. Blair’s unbiblical United Nations-based agenda, and through his newly formed P.E.A.C.E. Coaliton, he is leading evangelicals around the world to sign on as well. Where will you stand?


The vision and values of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation are desperately needed today when every major issue in our world is influenced for good or harm by faith factors. It would be foolish to ignore how religious conviction impacts personal and national identity, poverty and education, extremism and reconciliation, disease and development, peace and progress. In any effort to help people learn to live and work together, we must engage the vast networks, resources, wisdom, and influence of the faith communities.

My friends, Tony Blair is uniquely prepared with the gifts of temperament, knowledge, experience, leadership, and global respect essential for a task this great. I honestly don’t know of anyone better suited for this challenge. It’s why I agreed to serve on the Advisory Board. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s potential for doing good is staggering.

–Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church, from the Faith Foundation website, 5/30/08

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  • Before Mr. Blair can go clearly in such a direction of interfait-actions he must rethink some of his own positions in the light of Christian Faith especially since he converted to the Catholic Church. There are positions which are not according to real Love and Truth. Mr. Blair supported in his political time strongly abortion, opened doors for experiments with embryon-cells, violating the rights and dignity of unborn children and has till now a pro-gay-attitude. All this politics and convictions are not according to Christian Faith and the teaching of the Catholic Church. If he will not walk in the Light of the Holy Spirit he will irritate people in teaching them a “Ideologic-Faith” instead of real Faith. So he will support to create a “religion” from the “worldside” and this is opening a door for the Antichrist-spirituality. We have to pray for this man to answer in humility the teachings of the church and the bible and to change his perspective and way at these most important issues. Then after a long process of deepening real faith he might be able to cooperate with members of other religions and not to create and support a “world-syncretism.”
    So this Pastor who wants to support him has not really “eyes to see” I hope and pray that Christians in America will notice this trap!

    Love in Christ

    May God help him not to go on on those most important questions the spirit of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton with a “catholic” robe!

  • Sorry, a mistake in my comment in the end. Englsih is not my mother tongue. It has to be:

    May God help him not to go on with those most important questions in the spirit of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with a “catholic robe”

  • robby

    I believe Tony Blair shows many aspects that would be associated with an antichrist, such as: corrupt, war monger, self interest, forced through many anti christian laws, played a major part in the current world financial turmoil and has now started challenging the beliefs of the Catholic faith. I believe that Blair has nothing in his so called beliefs that in any way relate to the beliefs of any Christian religion and particularly not with the Catholic religion. Everything he says or does is against the Catholic and other Christian beliefs. Blair is a monster just waiting for the power to cause world consternation and turmoil.
    I believe that if Blair is elected EU President, there really will be world wars and turmoil.

  • i dont think Tony Blair is the antichrist . I do think Obama is and it is possible that Blair is the false prophet. After all the false prophet will say all religions are the same and all lead to God. Well Mr. Blair your on your way to hell either way

  • Please be alerted to:

    Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Global Peace Plan vs. Scripture
    New Website

    It is time for you and all Christians to sever their unholy alliance with Apostate Rick Warren and publicly renounce him, and come out from among them!

    “Warren is expected to award Blair with the annual International Medal of PEACE. The award is given to individuals who exemplify outstanding contribution toward alleviating the five global giants.”

    You have to wonder after Rick Warren gives Tony Blair his Global Peace Plan Prize, who’s next? Gaddafi?

    “Tony Blair believes Muslim cleric saved without Jesus”


    Blair is a globalist and has converted to Roman Catholicism…totally apostate…Hybels has no business promoting him, but should be marking him.

    “I also mentioned Pastor Rick Warren who sits on the advisory board of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that seeks to bring the religions of the world together.”

    SOURCE: Brannon Howse

    Contrast this with WAYNE GRUDEM’S statement:

    “Rick Warren’s is truly advancing the work of the Kingdom of God” Wayne Grudem
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    James Sundquist

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