Troops Training For Martial Law in American Cities?

Don’t Be Alarmed: Troops Train For Martial Law With Tanks on the Streets of America As Corporate Media Runs Cover Up

In a move that many have seen as yet another sign of the continued push towards martial law and the normal use of troops on the streets of America, the U.S. Army is currently “training” throughout St. Louis, complete with 100′s of heavily armored military vehicles driving through St Louis neighborhoods.

The exercise, part of a program to train military police to drive heavily armored vehicles through highways and city streets, has drawn widespread criticism throughout the alternative media while the corporate media has essentially worshiped it, going out of their way to distort the facts in their numerous propaganda pieces on the subject.

In an initial report by a local corporate news outlet that was prompted by hundreds of calls from concerned citizens who had, in a scene more reminiscent of North Korea than a supposed free country, seen the military rolling through their neighborhood, the media simply told the citizens to not be alarmed.

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The absurd reporting by the corporate media is simply a continuation of their shilling for the military industrial complex and the globalist takeover of America.

To add to this absurdity, the military officer in the report basically told U.S. citizens to not film armored vehicles rolling through THEIR neighborhoods.

Now, in a report by another corporate media lackey, those that have spoken out against this martial law type training have been attacked and labeled as cooky conspiracy theorists even though there are literally dozens of open admissions by the military that they are planning to use troops on American streets.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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