TV Watching Causes Heart Disease?

Heart disease risk from watching television, researchers warn
Every hour of TV watched a day increases the risk of dying from heart disease, researchers have found.

British researchers have found that if the average of four hours of television a day in the study were reduced to one hour, then eight per cent of deaths from heart disease could have been prevented.

As Britons are glued to the TV for the World Cup, it was found that every hour of television watched per day increase the risk of dying from heart disease by seven per cent.

The link between TV and heart disease was still strong even when lack of exercise, obesity, diet and smoking were taken into account.

It means that watching TV was independently linked to heart disease and the effect is not simply due to be inactive while watching television.

The research conducted by the Medical Research Council studied more than 13,000 healthy middle aged men and women in Norfolk.

Over the 10 year study, 373 of the 13,197 participants or one in 35 died from heart disease.

Of these deaths 30 could have been prevented if the average person watched one hour of television per day instead of four.

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