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16 New Records That The American Economy Has Set During The Past 12 Months – And They Are All Bad

Over the past twelve months, the U.S. economy has continued to come apart like a 20 dollar suit. During that time it seems like more bad economic news has been coming out nearly every single day. Instead of getting better, the problems facing the U.S. economy only seem to be multiplying. The U.S. government and the U.S. financial system continue to absolutely drown in debt. Factories, jobs and massive amounts of wealth continue to fly out of the United States every month at an astounding pace. Meanwhile, the number of Americans enrolled in anti-poverty programs continues to shatter records and the U.S. housing industry continues to set records for futility. The truth is that less Americans are living the American Dream today than were living it twelve months ago. The U.S. economy is in a serious state of decline, and it is time for all of us to wake up and admit the truth.

But most Americans are so addicted to entertainment that they aren’t even noticing that the greatest economic machine in the history of the world is literally falling apart all around them. Unfortunately, most Americans seem to be much more interested in Dancing With The Stars, their favorite NFL teams or what Lady Gaga happens to be doing than in what is happening with the economy.

We are not guaranteed to be a wealthy, prosperous nation forever. Decades of really, really bad decisions are now catching up with us, and if we do not turn things around soon we are headed for an unprecedented economic disaster.

The following are 16 new records that the American economy has set during the past 12 months:

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