Was Obama/Sotero born in Kenya?

Now White House joins ‘birth hospital’ cover-up

Spokesman belittles WND reporter, asks ‘what reporting’ has been done

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today refused to confirm that a letter posted by the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu – purportedly from President Obama claiming the facility as his birthplace – is, in fact, real. …

Obama states in a purported letter that he was born at Kapi’olani. The letter was posted by the medical center for nearly six months on its website before being electronically hidden once WND publicized it.

Now the hospital refuses to confirm that a real document even exists. But a similar – although not identical – image purporting also to be a letter from Obama claiming Kapi’olani as his birth place appeared in the hospital’s Inspire Magazine.

WND has reported that just within the last week, at least two reports have cited Obama’s birth in Kenya. Wikipedia also was found to have been reporting on Obama’s birth in Kenya, before a series of scrubs placed his birth in Honolulu.

And that came on the heels of several online information sites changing the president’s supposed birthplace from one hospital in Hawaii to another, after WND broke the news of the letter said to be from the White House.

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