Why aren’t Obama followers anti-war?

[ The new boss acts just like the old boss, especially when it comes to the Babylonian wars.  What strikes me is that Obama followers were so gullible to actually believe the anti-war rhetoric of Mr. Obama in the first place, especially given his background in Chicago-style politics (“community organizing”, i.e., intimidation politics) and his voting record regarding Iraq, etc.  The only genuine anti-war candidate was Dr. Ron Paul, but Americans largely ignored him because he lacked the metrosexual urbanity and glitter of Mr. Obama. ]


Where is the Anti-War Movement in the Age of Obama?

Stephen Sniegoski

It appears that most liberal opponents of the wars in the Middle East/ Central Asia have ceased their opposition with the Obama presidency. The liberal Democrats who abhorred Bush’s war policy (and most grass roots liberal Democrats did vehemently oppose the Bush war policy although this was not always the case with liberal politicians and media figures) apparently were simply opposed to wars led by Republicans. As Byron York, a conservative, writes in the first article below: “For many liberal activists, opposing the war was really about opposing George W. Bush. When Bush disappeared, so did their anti-war passion.” Anti-war protest leader, Cindy Sheehan, agrees completely, stating: “The ‘anti-war’ ‘left’ was used by the Democratic Party. I like to call it the ‘anti-Republican War’ movement.”

Obama is perceived as a liberal, a man of peace, and a charismatic figure, which enables him to get away with things that had been impossible for Bush the Younger.

Thus Obama can say such things as the war in Afghanistan is “fundamental to the defense of our people” and not be savaged by the former critics of the war.

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