Why Ron Paul is DANGEROUS!

[ The emotive word “dangerous” is semantically relative to the level of cowardice within the heart of the person using the word (or to the target audience of the rhetoric)… Dr. Paul is “dangerous” to neoconservatives because he undermines their assumptions that America must be perpetually be on guard from attacks from other nations… He appears dangerous to “evangelicals” because they have been conditioned never to radically question the status quo, even when that meant acquiescing to moral outrage and ubiquitous corruption, etc. ]

The publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader said that “Ron Paul is a dangerous man.”

He’s right, and he’s wrong. Ron Paul is dangerous, but in the same way the American founding fathers were dangerous. He is an incorruptible, tenacious, and principled fighter in freedom’s corner. The thugs and tyrants in Washington are right to fear him and call him dangerous.

Peace and freedom are dangerous notions to the war criminals in Washington and Tel Aviv, and to the media maggots who shamelessly defend them in the establishment media. According to these undeclared enemies of America and freedom, we must all accept endless war and permanent slavery like slaves.

But not all of us wish to be slaves. Some of us are dangerous because we think for ourselves rather than blindly trust our hijacked and fascist governments.

Dr. Paul should be dangerous to those in power who fear justice and truth and hate to see the U.S. constitution restored. He is a rebellious, moral, and courageous American with a huge global following. It is obvious why such a remarkable man is unfairly smeared as a racist, isolationist, and conspiracy theorist.

But he is none of these things. Dr. Paul is a genuine American hero and revolutionary, not a dangerous racist.

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