Why was Lou Dobbs terrorized & who forced him out of CNN?

by Kurt Nimmo

The foundation liberals have finally done it. They have managed to get Lou Dobbs removed from CNN. On November 11, Dobbs announced his resignation, effective immediately.

Dobbs is a gentleman, so he didn’t mention the gunfire directed at his home — the sort of thing you’d expect in a thugocracy like Mexico, not the United States — and he didn’t mention the concerted effort spearheaded by Presente, the National Council of La Raza, and other pro-illegal immigration groups to get him thrown off the air. Media Matters,, and the Southern Poverty Law Center have consistently agitated to have Dobbs removed.

Soros and the left-cover side of the global elite have realized a victory. Dobbs kept hammering on the broken border and this irritated the elite who want open and unchecked borders in order to drive down wages and destroy the living standards of middle class Americans.

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