Willow Creek’s Apostasy?

Emerging Church Willow Creek Adds Globalist Tony Blair to Leadership Summit Faculty!

by Joanne Panettieri

The big news out of emergent church leader Bill Hybels’ Willow Creek is that they have just signed up Tony Blair to be on the faculty of this year’s Leadership Summit. Along with a faculty that includes business people, entrepreneurs, professors, pastors and the rock star Buno, they have now added a liberal politician and globalist! And the sad part of it is that they think this is great!

(you can watch the short video intro on their web site: )

The fact that these people think that worldly businessmen or politicians can teach Christian leaders something about leadership comes as no surprise to those of us who see the Church turned into a corporation. Instead of CEOs we have Apostles and Prophets. Instead of being led by the Holy Spirit they are led by their board of directors. The sad part is that the Church leaders are so caught up in the gospel as a business enterprise that they are now being sucked into part of the greatest deception of the ages.

Jesus himself refused to take part in even the temptation of being part of a “leadership summit”. When Satan took him up to the summit of a mountain and tempted him, Jesus rebuked him.

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