Yeah, I am anti-war

[ The way the twisted logic of this propaganda-filled age works, the fact that I am decidedly anti-war presumably makes me into a supposed terrorist threat…  1,000,000+ people on the US no-fly list — and counting… ]


War: The More We Spend on It, the More We Get
by Ryan McCarl

President Obama and Defense Secretary Gates’ $534 billion defense budget proposal is aimed at building a “21st-century military,” that is, a military designed to fight asymmetrical “small wars,” conduct anti-terrorism operations, and battle insurgencies. It shuffles a significant number of pieces around the chessboard, to be sure, but like its predecessors, it is an enormous waste of resources and wealth.

If we took a radically different, need-based approach to defense funding, and asked ourselves about the legitimate, just, and necessary aims of American power, and how much money we must allocate to defense to accomplish those aims, it is unlikely that we would wind up where we are now, with 20 percent of our national budget allocated to defense and accounting for a shameful 45 percent of the world’s spending on war and preparation for war.

In fact, the amount of money our government pours into “defense” is so large that it must be disguised even from a public perpetually eager to spend more to “keep America safe”; the actual defense budget does not include the development and maintenance of nuclear warheads (which is funded by the Department of Energy) or the funding of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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