Zombies in Sodom

If we live good lives, the times are also good. As we are, such are the times. – St. Augustine

Movie Script Scene:

Scene 1: An old man living in a shabby apartment in the poor-rent district. He looks in the cupboard to find nary a bone to eat. He then laboriously gets himself ready to go down to the local grocer to buy some food.

Scene 2: A couple of 30-something males are partying in a crack house. Bored and high, they decide to get to a liquor store before they try to pick up some chicks…. They get in their pickup truck and drive recklessly, shouting profanities at people they see.

Scene 3: At the corner grocery store. A dim-lit place with scuffed up floors, outdated food items, flies buzzing on the papered windows, with a hostile-looking (and armed) clerk. The old man has made his way in, fussed about selecting his items, and then paid for his groceries. He then steps outside….

Scene 4: The two guys in the pickup truck are angry that a woman didn’t respond to their catcalls. The driver hits the accelerator hard and the truck races forward. Suddenly, he loses control of the truck and veers directly into the old man, sending him and his groceries airborn. The men curse the old man and immediately drive off, the white plastic bag flapping on the truck’s grill.

Scene 5: Various zombie-like pedestrians who witnessed the accident rush over, not to help the dying old man, but in a wild scramble to pick up his groceries…. The man is gasping and barely able to talk. Blood is on the street. The zombies look about, conscious only of other predators who might try to despoil them.

Scene 6: One of the zombies goes home, turns on the TV and opens a bag of chips he took from the dying old man. He sighs, relaxes on his sofa, and doesn’t bother to wipe the crumbs off his shirt as he chews fistfuls of chips….

Scene 7: The police are called, who arrive 40 minutes after the fact. A sullen and bored police officer calls the matter a routine hit and run. The old man is dead and an ambulance drives away with the corpse. The grocer is upset about the blood on the sidewalk, complaining that it will be bad for business. Other people stare angrily at the scene in a detached way as they make their way down the sidewalk.

Scene 8: etc.

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 3 (UPI) — The sight of an old man being hit by a truck in Arizona touched off a feeding frenzy among witnesses who allegedly stole the dying victim’s groceries.

Not only were the man’s groceries taken, but the only person who tried to help him also had his own bags taken.

Mesa police told KPHO-TV in nearby Phoenix that the scavengers could face theft charges if they are eventually tracked down.The elderly victim was waiting for a bus Tuesday night when a pickup truck swerved off the road and plowed into the stop. The man was sent flying as were his bags of groceries.

As the truck sped off with a white plastic bag flapping on its grill, witnesses began grabbing whatever scattered food they could get their hands on. Boro Mitrovich, who was himself nearly struck, said he ran to help the man and had his bag disappear as well.”

One minute it was on the ground, the next minute it was gone,” Mitrovich told KPHO.

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