Aborted babies used for vaccines and medicine…

Scientists say fetal tissue remains essential for vaccines and developing treatments

PBS BOSTON — The furor on Capitol Hill over Planned Parenthood has stoked a debate about the use of tissue from aborted fetuses in medical research, but U.S. scientists have been using such cells for decades to develop vaccines and seek treatments […]

Apostasy and University of Northwestern, Minnesota

So-called “Christian” University Blocks Star Parker Because Her Pro-Life Views are “Radical Beliefs”

A university that boasts of offering “Minnesota’s finest Christian education” blocked a black pro-life advocate from speaking on campus.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at the University of Northwestern at St. Paul said administrators refused their request to have […]

American Eugenics?

New York Times: Spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals to cause global infertility and depopulation

A November 4, 1969 New York Times feature article authored by Gladwin Hill called for sterilization chemicals to be added to the food supply in order to achieve globalist goals of human depopulation. That article, entitled “A […]

Zombie Depersonalization and the Police State

By John W. Whitehead

October 26, 2015

Fear is a primitive impulse, brainless as hunger, and because the aim of horror fiction is the production of the deepest kinds of fears, the genre tends to reinforce some remarkably uncivilized ideas about self-protection. In the current crop of zombie stories, the prevailing value for […]

Now Obama has a conscience?

Obama warns Uganda over anti-gay law

By Steve Holland Yahoo News

RANCHO MIRAGE, California (Reuters) – President Barack Obama warned Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday that enacting an anti-gay law would complicate U.S. relations with Uganda and would be a “step backward for all Ugandans.”

Obama, on a weekend golf holiday in […]

State of the Union – America is gone…

The State of Our Nation: The Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms Is the Government

By John W. Whitehead

“Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to […]

Obama Blesses Abortionists…

Obama Asks God to Bless Planned Parenthood

By Frank Camp

Ayn Rand said: “Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” This quote beautifully sums up the nature of Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a puzzle of […]

The Devil and Mr. “Obama”…

A striking resemblance…

Sunday evening’s episode of the History Channel’s hit series ‘The Bible’ threw up an awkward coincidence when viewers noticed that Satan bore a remarkable resemblance to President Obama.

Twitter exploded into life during the airing of the latest edition of the Mark Burnett-produced series with most noting the striking similarities […]

World War Z – Propaganda for Zombies

(Youtube) This May, Brad Pitt’s zombie apocalypse film, “World War Z” is scheduled to be released. The movie should not be viewed as just another Zombie flick but as hard core UN war propaganda aimed at the sovereign citizens of the United States. Alex breaks down step by step how the scenarios portrayed in […]

Is DHS Preparing for Civil War?

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Both Obama and Romney Pro Abortion

PHILADELPHIA — An evangelist with the Philadelphia-based ministry Repent America (RA) is rebuking a number of evangelical leaders and organizations for being purposely deceptive about Mitt Romney’s positions on abortion and homosexuality. As Tuesday marks Election Day, the ministry continues to urge Christians to adhere to the Biblical standards for law and government […]

It ends with a mountain of skulls

Michael Savage: Obama ‘most evil’ president ever

Any doubt Americans may have had that Barack Obama is a Marxist should be alleviated now after hearing his rhetoric in a speech in Virginia over the weekend, top talk-radio host Michael Savage told his listeners last night.

Asserting that it is governments and not individuals […]

The Obama™ Secret “Kill List”


by Andrew P. Napolitano

The leader of the government regularly sits down with his senior generals and spies and advisers and reviews a list of the people they want him to authorize their agents to kill. They do this every Tuesday morning when the leader is in town. The leader […]

Did Rand Paul betray his father?

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul broke ranks with his father’s political army this week and endorsed Mitt Romney as the Republican Party presidential nominee, setting off a firestorm of outrage in the Ron Paul Universe.

Sen. Paul’s endorsement appears to have seriously damaged his credibility within the Movement — at least among its […]

Planned Parenthood Targets School Children

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles Unified School District have teamed up in an unusual collaboration to reduce the number of unplanned teen pregnancies at Roosevelt High School.

Students can visit the on-campus health clinic to get free birth control, pregnancy tests, counseling and screening for sexually transmitted diseases […]

Obama™ boasts he’s a bigger killer than Romney

[ I am no fan of Romney, but Obama’s pomposity reveals far more than he might hope, namely, that he literally regards having the stomach to kill other human beings as being a good thing… God sees. ]

Obama Again Suggests Romney Wouldn’t Have Killed Bin Laden

At a press conference with […]

Andrew Breitbart’s Coroner Mysteriously Killed…

Was Breitbart’s Coroner Poisoned to Death?

Medical examiners in Los Angeles are investigating the possible poisoning death of one of their own officials who may have worked on the case of Andrew Breitbart, the conservative firebrand who died March 1, the same day Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced probable cause for forgery in President Obama’s […]

Abortion and the culture of death

By Kelleigh Nelson

To cure the genocide of real weapons of war in other lands, and yet sustain the medical genocide of abortion that kills 3000-4000 Americans daily in our own land, is sheer lunacy…[letter written by a woman who experienced two abortions years ago]

Galatians 5:14: “The entire law is summed […]

Impeach Obama™

Impeach Obama for treason and crimes against humanity..

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Planned Parenthood killed hundreds of thousands last year…

According to its latest annual report, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) received $487.4 million in tax dollars over a twelve-month period and performed 329,455 abortions.

In addition, the number of adoption referrals made by the organization continued to decline.

The latest annual report covers the period from July 1, 2009 to […]

Obama wants to “tweak” the Defense Authorization Bill…

[ According to Paul Craig Roberts, Mr. “Obama” does NOT object to the idea of indefinitely detaining Americans he suspects of crimes against the government, but rather he objects that such Americans would be technically classified as “prisoners of war” — since that would preclude the legality of torturing them… In other words, […]

Paranoia and Guilt: the National Defense Authorization Act

[ I can’t believe how the US has been transmogrified into an openly evil dictatorship ever since 9/11 (which we all know was definitely an “inside job”). Time is short, and the future uncertain, but God is still on the throne…. ]

The New National Defense Authorization Act Is Ridiculously Scary

by David […]

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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Hollywood Speaks Out for 9/11

Just in time to counter the lies and propaganda that will be served up by the mass media for the 9/11 anniversary this year….

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US military stuck in perpetual warfare

Connect the dots by following the money….

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Why is the Gates Foundation investing in GM giant Monsanto?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is sponsoring the Guardian’s Global development site is being heavily criticised in Africa and the US for getting into bed not just with notorious GM company Monsanto, but also with agribusiness commodity giant Cargill.

Trouble began when a US financial website published the foundation’s annual investment […]

Al Gore Blames US Gov’t

[  Despite the fact that “Global Warming” research has been exposed as being fraudulent (i.e., google “Climategate”), an unrepentant Al Gore now is busy denouncing the US government for failing to adequately terrorize the masses according to his apocalyptic visions… ]


Al Gore: ‘The United States Government as a Whole Has Failed […]

Obama debates himself on Afghanistan

[ Too bad it’s costing the blood and treasure of Americans (and Afghanis) for Mr. Obama to make up his mind on the subject …  I recall the phony promises he made during his campaign about “ending the war” and bringing Americans back home..  Obama’s team did this to pander to the anti-war voters […]

Keynote Speakers at Bohemian Grove / Molech Festival

[ The Bohemian Grove is a “resort” located in the giant redwood forest near Monte Rio, California. The “elite” meet there during July of every year to worship a 30-40 foot owl “god” they call “Molech.” ]

Schwarzenegger, Murdoch Give Keynote Speeches At The Bohemian Grove

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is to make […]